The culture of Garbagea is reflected by the country’s plethora of undulating and static waste. Various nations have contributed in varying degrees to Garbagea’s diverse flotsam, which makes this country the true offspring of globalization and acrapmulation. Acrapmulation is a recent phenomenon. It is the byproduct of consumer acculturation and voracious accumulation. This process is defined by discrete cultures learning how to use and throw indefatigably from glocal corporate brands till nothing but crap impartially covers every square inch of planet earth. It is thanks to this process that we have been able to precipitously dilute the gene-pool of biodiversity. Every ecosystem’s sentient inventory is currently choking on yesterday’s consumer choices. Careful computations reveal that today’s consumer choices will debilitate the tense the rest of the world anxiously refers to as “the future”- a tense we Garbageans are not much concerned with, as none of us are going to get the opportunity to bask in its radiance at the present rate of deterioration.

Many species on the endangered lists today acquired their status quo on account of Garbagea’s outreach programs which assumes various cultural avatars (aside from all the industrial exploits and political manipulations):

Comic Books
Public Art
Stand Up Comedy
Museums & Galleries
Cultural Diversity
Department of Cultural Affairs
Festivals and Parades
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