Galerie Garbagea: Trash Truths

Dolphin Drip Disaster A Web Spun of Black
Petroleum Pelican With Strings Attached
Branded Bird Feed Evolutionary Update
Within the Weave TOOKS - Trash Objects Offer Kinship Plastic Aquarium
D-Day Diet Common Crimson Circulatory Systems
Beyond Borders Between Butchers Light Foresight Black Hole Human
Asphyxiation X-Ray AP Asphyxiation BK Of the Past Our Future Speaks
Within the Weave - Pizza Box Within the Weave - Pizza Box Cover Art Garbagea By The Cubic Feet
Garbagea Portable Realty Garbage By the Cubic Feet Open Dot to Dot - Pizza Box Cover Art
Dot to Dot - Pizza Box Dot to Dot - Pizza Box Bubbles Blossom
Once Borrowed Now Lost The Plastic Soup Transperant Sea
Floating Waste

Gallery Garbagea exhibits multi-media artworks pertaining to waste, pollution, fossil fuels, and consumerism; in effect this creative space pays tribute to everything quintessentially Garbagean. Non-citizens and citizens alike, are invited to whip up works that shed light on Garbagea’s expanse, we endorse freedom of expression despite being a dictatorship because we, at Litterin, believe that even bad press is worthwhile publicity. If you hate us, we consider your ill will a good thing, because that means you care, which we prefer to unadorned indifference. Gallery Garbagea will be curated by artist Asher Jay who will also be presenting pieces from past and present collections on this platform. This online showcase intends to raise awareness through photography, art, sculpture, film, and conceptual installations.

If you want to contribute kindly contact us at Litterin HQ’s email:

Souvenirs: T.O.O.Ks (Trash Objects Offer Kinship)

Pronounced: too-kuh

Develop your own TOOK and add to our national heritage. Send images along with your name, location coordinates of the site you gathered the rubbish to make your T.O.O.K from (a google map approximation will do), Garbagean citizenship status, age and contact to
Garbagea will compensate you for your earnest efforts in bottle caps, which, if you plant in your backyard, will help you seed your very own patch of Garbagea.